Rachel Zoe for Shoedazzle

rachel zoe

Margaret for $42.95

rachel zoe 2

Archie for $42.95
Rachel zoe 3

Janitha for $39.95
Rachel zoe 4

Prima for $39.95
Rachel zoe 5

Nariko for $42.95

Rachel Zoe has become the new chief stylist for Shoedazzle. I use to be a loyal customer but their website started lacking with not many variety of designs and the quality also started to lack.
This year Rachel Zoe joined the crew and so far I am liking the selection this year a lot better from the past.
Rachel Zoe has impeccable style and is very influential in the fashion industry. I was very excited to see what she had styled for Shoedazzle. So far I am very impressed!

Shoedazzle also started offering designer shoes at $100 +. As for the other shoes and handbags the prices have somewhat increased. Though the Shoedazzle line has stayed at the $39.95 price. There has been a lot of excitement as well as complaints with the new selections and prices. I always say, you get what you pay for!

The stylish shoe service also started offering a VIP service. Where you pay $10 a month to get 20% off products everyday, free shipping and a $10 certificate every month. Who wouldn't want that! Especially if you are shoe-a-holic. If you don't want the VIP service, you can opt for the free service that they normally offer. That's right - no monthly fee!

The selections above are Rachel Zoe's edit for February. I love the items she choose! I am loving the neutral colors with pops of snake print and metallic. I have my eye on the Prima Flats. They look quite stylish- which I always look for in flats.

The only complaint I have with the shoes Shoedazzle offers is that almost every heel has at least a 6" heel. Now, if I was short I wouldn't complain but being 5'8", it's a whole other story. Usually I don't like being taller than 6' - I will take 6'1" but not taller than that simply because I then tower over everyone else- men included- haha.

What do you think of Rachel's selection for February?

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