Revenge At The Hamptons: Fashion Inspired by the Show


Dinner At The Hamptons

Revenge is a new show on ABC. It is one of the most popular shows right now this season. Let me tell you, I am addicted to the show. I never miss an episode. I love all the juicy gossip and Revenge-y stuff. Somehow they make it look realistic (in a good way!) but I am sure it would never play out well in real life. 

These two sets are dedicated to the fashion in the show. The show is taken place in The Hamptons. As we all know that The Hamptons is a place where all the rich and famous live. In the show we see a lot of the characters wear chic, timeless designer pieces.
The first set is a casual look. Emily is often seen in nautical inspired clothing. Think skinny jeans, crisp blazers, fitted sweaters and tees with low-mid high heels.
The second look is what in my mind Emily would wear to a charity event or party. She always wears form fitting dresses that highlight her gorgeous figure. She never wears chunky or statement jewelry, she sticks to more dainty and elegant pieces. Her makeup is always natural and radiant/luminizing.

To copy the look, without  breaking the bank make sure your clothing is fitted, crisp/wrinkle free, and tailored to your body. Think classic pieces and nothing too trendy. Many of can't afford the designer piece, but many places sell similar styles for a lot less like Forever21 and H&M.

Have you been watching the show Revenge?

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