Swimsuit Ready Exercise Routine!

Need to tone up those abs for the beach? Here is a great workout to get you started!

You will need: 
Dumbbells (whatever weight you are comfortable with)
Exercise Mat
Kettle Ball (if you don't have one use a heavier dumbbell weight)
Stability Ball
Water- of course!

You will do two four sets of exercises. You will do these 4 exercises 3 times in a row. So you do the first 4 exercises for three times and then last 4 exercises 3 times in a row.

You will do 20 reps each unless I state otherwise.

Good Luck!

First Set:
  ab exercise

Plank. This is the best ab exercise you can do! Do this for 20 seconds

Works: Core, legs and arms.

ab exercise 5

Burpee. Pretty self explanatory as it explains it above. Do 8- 10 of these. Whichever you can handle. These are tough!

Works: Core and Legs.

ab exercise 4

Plank Rows. You start in a plank positing like picture A above. You will have dumbbells underneath your hands. You will lift those dumbbells like picture B. Do 20 reps (20 on each arm).
If you are tired by the end of last set you may put your knees down.

Works: Arms and Core.

ab exercise 8

Squat with Twist. You start in a squat position like above and then you stand up, as you stand up you twist and push the kettle bar above your head as pictured. Do 10 on each side. These are really good for your "love handles"!

Works: Thighs, arms, shoulders, back, and core.

After you do this 3 times in a row- take a 60 second break!

Last Set:
  ab exercise 7

Mountain Climbers. Another exercise where you start in a plank position (see I told you these are good!). You will then pull your leg towards your chest like above. However, you will be doing this fast. Like your running in plank position. You will do 20 reps on each leg. This is a great cardio move that works out your core, legs and arms!

ab exercise 2

Bridge and Leg Lift. Time to rest (well sort of). You will start off by lifting your hips off of the floor like above. Then lift a leg straight up and now hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Works: Hips and Core
ab exercise 3

This is very similar to mountain climbers but you will not be going fast. You will be focusing on the move. You start off in plank position like picture A. In Picture B you will move your leg towards your chest and outward like above. Do 20 reps.

Works: Hips, Core, and Thighs
ab exercise 6

Abs on a stability ball. I couldn't find the picture I was looking for so this is the best I could get. You will lay like above with your feet on the stability ball. You don't need the extra ball on your hands like above. You will push your hips off the floor (much like the bridge position above) and now pull the ball towards you and push back- back and forth, back and forth with the stability ball. This is harder than it looks! This is great for balance as well. Do 20 of these.

Works: Hips, Core, and Legs

After you do these exercises 3 times in a row ---- You are officially done! 

Now you have a good exercise routine you can do a couple times a week to get you ready for bikini season!

What do you do to get ready for the beach exercise wise?

NOTE: I am not a fitness trainer. I take fitness classes and these exercises are what we typically do. It has worked for me! 

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