A Guide to Fashion Magazines

If you love fashion, I am sure you love reading fashion magazines. There are so many different magazines out there now, from the most popular to online only fashion magazines; it is hard to know which one to choose. Also, knowing which one to pick will save you money and the hassle of cancelling the subscription if you end up not liking it!

Here are my picks for the best fashion magazines. I choose the most popular and most readily available ones.

The Best Magazine for celebrity fashion and fashion tips. 


Glamour is a fun magazine that offers the best tips on how to recreate celebrity looks though some of the looks can be still quite expensive. They are best known for their fashion (and for life too) do's and dont's. I think these are great and can make you laugh at times. This magazine is great for reading on the treadmill because there isn't much "reading". They do have some heart felt articles though, that are quite inspiring.

The Best Magazine For Shopping and Street Style

magazine 2

Lucky use to be a magazine all about shopping (which it still is in a way) but has branched out to bloggers and embraced the "street style". They have a lot of bloggers, and other every day fashionistas pitch in what they believe what everyone should be wearing. They offer the best tips too for shopping for less and unique spots to shop in select cities. If you are a blogger this is a great magazine! You also can also write for the magazine on their website and you have a chance to be featured every month in the magazine.

The Best Magazine For Celebrity Style For Less 

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If you love celebrity style or the latest celebrity gossip this is the magazine for you! It brings you the latest in fashion all for less. Be aware that you will need at least an hour to devour this magazine. Even on the thin, short editions. This magazine is jammed packed with fashion. I have even gone through twice and still find something I didn't see before! They also have a nice feature where you can have the magazine text you about a specific product so you can add it to your shopping list. How convenient!

The Best Magazine for Sophisticated and Work Fashion

magazine 4

I don't really see a 20 year old reading this magazine. Everything in this magazine, in my opinion has a more sophisticated and mature feel. It's meant for the working woman, probably in her late 20's to late 40's. It has great outfit ideas for work, after work and for all those moms out there. They also have one of the best beauty articles besides Allure. It also has gorgeous editorials!

Best Magazine for Designer Inspiration

magazine 5

Oh Vogue, you will always be in my heart. Vogue is the ultimate fashion magazine. It provides such amazing inspiration for all us fashionistas. Most of the clothes and accessories I see in the magazine I will never be able to afford but just looking at makes you swoon. The editorials are just breathtaking too. The photography and style is always just stunning.

The Best Magazine for Runway Fashion, Fashion, Beauty....All of it 

magazine 6

Elle is one of those magazines in my opinion that doesn't leave one subject untouched in the fashion or beauty industry. They have touched some sticky subjects in the beauty industry (plastic surgery, diet pills, etc.). Elle covers a lot of the runway shows and shows how to create a outfit from the theme of those shows. They also have such inspiring editorials. They always bring you a great variety and I like that.

The Best Magazine for The Woman Who Wants to Buy The Best

magazine 7

Remember that lady in the grocery store or the mall and she is dressed elegantly, designer head to toe? This is the woman I think that would read this magazine. It's filled with such sophisticated looks and most of those looks would cost me two paychecks if not more! It's for a woman who doesn't want anything less than designer (I know there are people out there). I love the inspiration however.

The Best Magazine for Fun Sexy Clothes

magazine 8

Cosmopolitan isn't really a fashion magazine but they do have a fun fashion section. They always have great ideas for parties, nights out with your boyfriend/husband, and what the latest fashion is for inexpensive prices. I think of it as what is in trend at the moment and they make some cute outfits out of it.

The Best Magazine for The Working Woman and Inspiring Woman To be Powerful

magazine 9

Marie Claire is a great magazine for those that need inspiration for outfits for the office. They also have a great edition every year on what to wear for different types of positions (i.e lawyer, office assistant, teacher, etc.). It's truly inspirational because us woman shouldn't be afraid to dress beautiful for work and not be harassed for it. It's also a magazine that loves to show woman that they can be beautiful just the way they are and helps empower them. Great message for a magazine!

The Best Magazine for Avant Garde Fashion 

magazine 10

If you like the unusual or just something different this is the magazine for you. It offers fashion from local designers throughout the US. A lot of it in my opinion is Avant Garde. It's not something you would typically see in a store. It's a different magazine but it is interesting to read.

So there you have it, a brief overview of all the fashion magazines. I believe they treacly do provide the best of inspiration! Ever since I read my first ever fashion magazine at 15 (It was Seventeen!) I was hooked. I have always wanted to write for a magazine so maybe it will happen one day! :)

What are your favorite fashion magazines?

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