It's Wedding Season! What to Wear to a Wedding

Going to a wedding this summer or early fall? Many people often ask me, what do I wear? Well, it really depends on where the wedding is to determine what to wear. Also, sometimes there may be a theme so make sure to ask the bride on what she would like you to wear.
You don't have to go traditional either, if dresses or skirts aren't your thing wear a beautiful jumpsuit or dress pants with a blouse.

Here are the top places weddings often take place at and what to wear!:

Garden Wedding 

garden wedding

Garden weddings are often the most popular setting for a wedding. Simply, from experience it's cheaper to rent a garden space than anywhere else. Plus you can have the ceremony and reception at the same area.
This is your chance to wear your most favorite floral printed dress! I would wear flats or small wedges because most often gardens only have gravel or grass and no smooth pavement. Choose a cotton fabric dress because more often than not the ceremony will be outdoors, meaning you will want to be able to breath in the warm weather!

A Wedding in the Mountains or Country Wedding
country wedding

Have a bride and groom being married up in the mountains? Well, you must understand one thing - dress practically. You can find a lot of cute things that are practical out in the market these days. A lot of these weddings that are held out in the country or mountains mean - no gravel, no pavement, I would suggest leaving your heels home and wearing flats. I adore the flats above because they would work perfectly and their cute! The dress is simple but still dressy enough for a wedding.  Also, bring a shawl or cardigan because it will get colder as night approaches. I would wear minimal makeup with a bright fun lip.

Country Club Wedding
country club wedding

If you are going to a wedding at a country club, you must dress your best! Having a wedding at a country club can be very expensive so more often than not you will be among other well off individuals. If you don't have the cash, don't fret! There are many stores that have beautiful dresses and accessories for less, like Forever21 and New York and Company. Also, make sure to wear at least one designer piece. You can rent designer handbags and dresses off of Rent The Runway or Bag Borrow or Steal. I recommend checking out Rent the Runway because they have some gorgeous designer gowns to rent at good prices!

Beach Wedding 

beach wedding

Beach weddings are often very laid back. The bride might wear a short dress, or a more non-traditional gown. Maxi dresses are perfect because on the beach it can be quite windy and well if you wear a shorter dress you might risk the chance of flashing your derriere! Now we don't want that, now do we? Remember walking on the beach and how hard it can be to walk in sand? Sandals are perfect because you won't worry about sand getting in your closed toed shoes. For makeup, it's time to pull out that bronzer and bronzy nude eye shadow. Don't forget those sunglasses, hat and SPF to protect your eyes and skin!

So there you have it, what to wear to the most popular themed weddings.

What would you wear to a wedding?

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