Savannah, Georgia Trip: Day Three

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Wormsloe Plantation

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What I wore- Shirt: Express, Shorts: LOFT, Sandals: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Tory Burch, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Monday was our last day in Savannah. It was so hard to leave because we were having so much fun! We slept in a little bit and then headed out to the Wormsloe Plantation. After that we headed back home.

Wormsloe Plantation no longer has the original house on the property though as you drive down the driveway above you will get a glimpse of the house that was built in the 30s (now privately owned). It was the most gorgeous plantation I have ever seen. Driving down the driveway (which is a mile long) reminded me those old time movies set in the late 1800s, such as Gone With the Wind. Pictures do not do it's justice!!

Noble Jones was the owner of the Wormsloe Plantation. The plantation was built in 1745 and it consists of 822 acres. Unlike other plantations with huge colonial style homes, Jones' home was only 1 story high with only 5 rooms. Quite small for a wealthy man! Though he used his home as more of a defense mechanism more than a "decorative" piece. The plantation itself did not look like what you see in the pictures till the late 1890s by Jones' descendants. They planted the trees like you see above and over the years it grew to what it looks like today.

The last picture is what is left of the house Jones originally built. It was built out of Oyster shells, which was quite popular at that time as it was better in humidity than wood.

If you haven't checked out my day one and day two pictures, please do so!

If you ever visit Savannah, I highly recommend you visit this plantation! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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