The Low Down on Designer For Less Websites

Love getting a good deal? Especially on designer goods? There are so many different sites that offer designer goods for less it's kind of hard to choose just one!

Here are the details of the most popular Designer for Less websites:

The Best for Contemporary and Lower End Designer Brands 


Ideeli has more of the lower end designer brands. You won't often see any higher end brands here. The prices are often under $100 making everything super affordable. Pay $10 for shipping once and then after that it's free no matter how much you purchase!

The Best for Variety And Trendy Items 

I think of this as the mall online but for less. They sell everything that is on trend at the moment. They have lots of different items too from home to beauty products for less. Shipping right now is free w/$100 purchase.

Best for High End Designer Items 


Gilt is the most luxurious of all the designer for less websites. They often sell high end designer goods. Prices are often more than $150. So you need to be ready to invest if you are to purchase off of this website.
They will sometimes have a good watch sale or jewelry sale with items under $100. Shipping is always $8.

The Best Trendy Products 

rue la la

Want the latest handbag, jacket, or shoes for less? Rue La La has it. They will have the most popular designer items for sale at great prices. Many are up to 60% off. They also sell some home good items. Pay $10 for shipping just once and then get free shipping for 30 days.

Best for Home and High End Designer Items
beyond the rack

Beyond the Rack has a lot of home type products for less as well as fashion products. They also have flash sales on designer handbags and shoes.  They often sell products for less than $50. Great deals! Their layout is not that nice though. It's kind of mixed around and not well laid out. Free Shipping - just pay once and then all day free shipping the rest of the day.

The Best for Deep Discounts 


Modnique is another great website that offers a lot of items at deep discounts. Often the sales are at 80% off. They sometimes have $1 sales but you have to purchase something right away because they sell real quick! Their layout isn't that friendly though. Shipping is free w/$100 purchase.

The Place to Purchase Pre-Owned Luxury Designer Products

the real real

Would you love to own a pair of Louboutin's or a Chanel handbag? Well many are selling those items right now! For a lot less. Not considerably less but still, if you have the money to spend why not save at the same time? You can also consign items! This is the only designer items for less websites that does this so far. Free shipping w/$150 purchase.

So there you have it, a low down of the most popular designer for less websites.

Have you shopped any of these websites?

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