The Met Gala 2013: Best and Worst Dressed

Here are the best and worst dressed from The Met Gala of 2013! 

Best Dressed


Jennifer looks absolutely stunning here. She looks chic and sophisticated. She added edgy touches with the spiked shoes and red lips.


Katie Holmes looked like a goddess here. I loved how she paired the look with a smoky eye and a "pouf" for the hair.


Many criticized Sarah's look but I LOVED it. It is so unique and fun. Something you don't see on the red carpet often. I love that she choose to go bold all the way. So daring!


I adored Blake Lively's dress. She looks absolutely stunning in this mermaid shaped gown. The dress kind of looks wicked in a way with the dark faux feathers starting at the hips and then cascading down the gown.


With Miranda Kerr you couldn't expect anything less sexy! She looks gorgeous in this gown. Miranda can make any simple gown look amazing!


Cara Delevingne. If I had a chance to go to the Met Gala, this is what I would wear. This is such a beautiful gown. If you look closely, studs are embellished all along the sleeves, bust and waist. Gorgeous! Simple with understated edgy touches. And plus it's quite sexy with the deep V neck.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley always chooses sexy yet classic looks. This is sexy and oh so edgy and chic. I love the feather detailing at the chest with the metallic gold skirt. Her hair and makeup also match perfectly with the gown. Only Rosie can pull this one off effortlessly!


My eyes just drew to this dress worn by Stacy Keibler. The sheer sleeves add a feminine touch to the edgy studded detailed dress. This dress is also very heavy and only someone with a very slim figure can pull this off. She looks amazing!

Worst Dressed


Katy Perry what are you wearing? This is the Met Gala, not a religious convention. Though I don't know if you would ever wear this to a religious anything. The Met Gala theme was Edgy, not lets dress up in a costume edgy.


Kim, oh Kim I don't know what happened since you have become pregnant but all your fashion choices are not up to par. This one especially. This just looks like your grandmother's draperies. And matching gloves? I don't know what to say about that one...


Kristen what is going on the crotch region? It looks like you are carrying something in there, and it doesn't look pleasant...


Gwenyth always looks gorgeous. This one was ok looking but it didn't give me the WOW factor. It was just...simple. Not at all Edgy, it seemed more fitting for another award show theme.

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Anyways, what did you think of the fashion at The Met Gala?

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