How to Pack for a Weekend Trip


For a weekend, you don't need much. Whether you're boarding a plane or driving by car it is important to pack well. Especially if you're going by plane all you really need is a carry on. Pack enough shirts to last you through the weekend a light sweater for those chilly nights. Bring a LBD just in case you need to wear something nice for a formal restaurant or night out. Wear a pair of neutral flats to wear majority of the trip and pack a nice pair of heels. You can always pack an extra pair of jeans in case you are afraid you might get the other one dirty.
airplane 2

For the weekend you really don't need that much makeup. I love the laid back look Miranda Kerr has going on. Bring a red lipstick for a night out- it instantly adds a glam effect!
If you are boarding a plane, bring a laptop bag (for your laptop, wallet, etc) and put your cross body bag in the carry on. Bring a hat if you like and a scarf in case it gets chilly. Don't forget the sunglasses in the intense sunlight this summer! Remember, if you are to bring a hat, to pack it on top of everything and put clothes inside the head of the hat to prevent it from "crushing".

So there you have it, tips on how to pack for a weekend trip!

What do you bring/pack on a weekend trip?

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