Polyvore Outfit of the Week: Modern 20's

Modern 20s

With the Great Gatsby and show Downton Abbey 20s fashion is becoming more popular in the fashion industry. Here I created more of a day look where you can take aspects of the 20's fashions. Drop waists were very popular in the 20's. They are very easy to wear but if you are hippy I would suggest wearing a shaper to smooth out those imperfections. Remember, that the dress should fit more loosely and not clingy or curve hugging.
As for shoes and handbags, closed t-strap heels were popular. Not too high though! Make sure they are more pointed and no more than 3 inches. I love the ones above from Michael Kors! Beaded bags, fringed bags and smaller shoulder bags were popular. So reach out for that cross-body bag with some beaded embellishments, etc.
For jewelry, pendants and hair accessories were huge. Wear the head wrap across your forehead and style your hair into those glamorous curls!
Red lips were often seen but not as popular as they were in the 40's. Softer pink lips were seen with smokey eyes. Smokey eyes were huge, especially with flapper girls.

What do you think of the 20's fashions and would you wear the outfit above?

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