What to Wear to an Interview

With many people graduating recently from either High School or College, the moment comes when you have that big interview. Whether it is for a temporary Full Time job for summer or that big dream job it is essential that you dress the part! First impressions are everything and if you don't look the part, they might not hire you!

Here is where I give you recommendations on what to wear, depending on the job environment:

Conservative Office: 

conservative office

Yes, there are those offices that exist, where the people where suits every day! These are typical financial jobs such as banking, executive jobs, etc.
This is where you want to look polished. Take off that fingernail polish, trim those finger nails and wear minimal makeup. It is essential that you get a well fitted suit. If you have to get it tailored, by all means do! Bring a briefcase for that resume and other important documents.

Fashion Job or Creative Job: 

fashionable office

For a job in the creative field you can be more flexible. You can dress more like your style, but please try to remain professional. I love pencil skirts for this type of interview, but keep the print minimal and not too loud. I love the blouse above because it's feminine and fun but still professional. You can wear a bold lip if you like makeup wise, but do try to keep it professional looking. No smokey eye! Oh, and please don't wear stockings! Please shave and spray on some leg spray from Sally Hansen. :)

Retail, Waitress, Summer Job: 
retail job

For those that just graduated High School or taking a break from College, summer jobs are abundant right now. When working in retail or something similar, check out what the employees are wearing before you apply. This will tell you how the dress code is. If they are wearing jeans, it would be acceptable to wear jeans to the interview. Just make sure they are a dark wash and wear a more conservative top. I love this peplum top because it's professional but still fun! However, if you are applying for a retail job within the jewelry store or department I would suggest going with the first outfit above.

hairstyle interview
Left- Conservative Jobs, Right- Creative, retail, etc.

Many people overlook the hair style and don't realize it is a crucial part of the outfit.Trust me, the employer looks at you from top to bottom. If you got a rats nest of a hair with a suit, I don't know how it will translate.
I love buns or pony tails for conservative interviews. Just don't wear those beachy waves or voluminous waves to an interview, leave that for the weekend. :)

Well there you have it, what to wear to an interview depending on the job environment.

What would you wear to a job interview?

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