Disney World: Day One

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I am back to posting! I missed all of you!

Last week Ryan and I went to Disney World for our one year wedding anniversary. We had so much fun that we didn't want to leave! It sure is a place where all of your dreams come true. It's a magical place and there are so many fun things to do. This was our first time visiting Disney World. We were quite impressed with all the parks and we couldn't narrow down a favorite!

The first day we stopped at Epcot. If you are not familiar with Epcot, it is a park that has two sections- the future and the world. The future has unique futuristic type rides and environmental type exhibits. Most of the decor remind me of what people thought the future was to look like in the 60's and 70's. So fun! In the world they have different sections resembling different parts of the world. They have Japan, China, Italy, Germany, France, The UK, Canada, USA, Norway and Mexico.

My most favorite places were Japan and China. We ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant and it was quite delicious. They went all out with the decor and the Japanese waitresses were dressed in traditional kimono attire. I would definitely recommend the restaurant if you visit Epcot!

Every part of the world was so unique and well decorated. They sure go all out with the themes and rides. Those have to be my most favorite aspects of Epcot. It is definitely different from The Magic Kingdom. It has it's own uniqueness and I like that. It's like stepping in another world!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! Have you been to Epcot in Disney World?

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