How to Style Crop Tops..... Tastefully

When Ryan and I were driving in the Target parking lot this last weekend, Ryan mentioned that this lady looked like she was ready to "work the streets". I looked over and she was wearing daisy dukes and a crop top. I then told him, that is what is popular this season, short shorts and crop tops. He said he was very happy that I didn't wear such an outfit. He thought it looked terrible and inappropriate!

It reminded me of all the outfits I have seen on this summer with girls wearing crop tops and daisy dukes. Ryan is right, I would never wear such a thing. For the obvious reason but also because well, to be honest I don't have the body for it! This is one trend I am ready to see go!!

However, crop tops can be cute when worn the right way. They can be sexy and quite easy to wear.

Here are two outfits on how to wear crop tops tastefully!:

    crop top

The key to wearing crop tops is to only show about 1" of your skin. Look for a high waist skirt that goes down to just above your knee. If you want your look to be a little more retro, wear a skirt that goes just past the knee. I would pair the look with more lady like shoes. I love these shoes from Zara! Pointed heels would also be ideal. I like the crop top above for those that are more "chesty" than others. It will help support your chest and emphasize your curves. The thicker straps give you the opportunity to wear a bra!
Neon is everywhere this season and why not pair the look with some gorgeous neon accessories!

crop top 2

This second outfit is for the bohemian at heart. I would pick more of a flowy type crop top and pair it with a long black high waist maxi skirt. This type of shirt would be best for smaller chested girls. It will help you look bigger in that area. Your stomach might not show with this outfit but when the breeze moves it will show just a touch of skin.
Pair with bohemian type accessories and sandals. I would not advise on wearing heels with this one. If you must however, pair the outfit with platform heels.

So there you have it, how to wear crop tops tastefully and easily!

Have you dwelled into the crop top trend this season?

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