How to Wear Those Fall Pieces Now!

Fall fashions are going to be hitting the shelves soon if not already. It's hard to think of even wearing a sweater, let alone a jacket in the hot weather! Don't fear though, there are ways you can incorporate those fall fashions into your wardrobe now!

Here are two outfits I put together that are perfect ways to incorporate those fall pieces into your wardrobe: transition into fall

Take your most favorite floral dress and pair it with those ankle booties in your closet. Pair the look with a fedora or similar hat, and some colorful jewelry! This gives the look a bohemian, country chic look. Very fun for summer!

transition into fall 2

This fall mixed materials are going to be huge. Blazers with faux leather sleeves or elbow patches, color blocking, etc. will be seen everywhere this fall. Wear a mixed media blazer with trouser shorts and pumps. If your work place allows you to wear shorts, this would be the perfect outfit for work. If not, this would a sophisticated outfit for shopping on the weekend. It will also help you from getting too cold in those heavy air conditioned stores!

So there you have it, two ways to incorporate those fall pieces right now into your wardrobe! No need to wait, wear them now!

How do you incorporate your fall pieces into your summer wardrobe?

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