Seashells: Summer Lookbook From Ruche

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These photos help me hold onto summer for just a while longer as many stores are now introducing fall collections. Even though I am excited to venture into the new fall fashions, it's still hot here in Florida and I still want to keep cool. These pictures speak my style to a T, especially the 2nd to last and 1st outfit. The maxi dress in the 2nd picture is gorgeous and perfect for those summer picnics by the sea.The hat in the 6th picture is oh so chic and the cover up is perfect for those that want that little extra coverage!

These pictures are also taken in a small town by the sea. I can almost hear the sounds of the waves and seagulls; and taste the salt in the air. You must be all thinking, you live in Florida, are you not near the ocean? Yes, I am only about a 20 min. drive from the ocean but it's not the same as northern beaches. One day when I retire or older I would love to settle down in a small coastal town in a cottage by the sea and write everyday. I mean who wouldn't want that?

What do you think of Ruche's new lookbook?

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