My Fall Coat Picks

It's a little early to start thinking about fall jackets and coats but I say, it's never to early to pick out that fabulous coat for fall! Many styles will sell out quickly even before it gets chilly. Here in Florida, it doesn't get cold till November (mornings is the only time I need a jacket) and if I waited that long, there wouldn't be too much to choose from. So plan ahead!

Here are my fall coat picks:
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ASOS Knee Length Over Coat for $143

You can never go wrong with a walking coat. It's chic, timeless and elegant. This color will go with just about anything as well. This style coat will be in your wardrobe for many years to come.

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Coat With Gathering on the Shoulder for $160 at Zara 

Red is the season of the holiday's so wear this to your next holiday party and you will be the star of the show. Pair this with a chic black sheath dress and heels and you will be set to go!

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Masculine Studio Overcoat for $299 at Zara

If you have the money to splurge on a gorgeous jacket, get this one. It's feminine yet masculine at the same time. Don't shy away from the midi length if you are on the shorter side. Pair with a similar length dress and heels and it will help elongate your figure. I can see this coat on trend for many seasons to come.

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The Secret Trench from Victoria's Secret for $198

Faux leather is EVERYWHERE this season. It's the most prevalent trend featured in every fall collection. If you want to dwell into the trend but don't want to get a full on leather jacket, get this one. It's a gorgeous color with faux leather trimming (they also have it in camel and black). Also, this jacket will look amazing on all figures!

coats fall 5

Michael Kors Belted Wrap Coat from Victoria's Secret for $198

Another gorgeous jacket offered from Victoria's Secret. I love their selection of jackets because they offer a great selection of trendy and classic/traditional coats. This one is no exception. I think this is the only Michael Kors jacket they sell, but nevertheless it's a gorgeous one! This coat will be great for the pear shape ladies out there.

coats fall 6

Epiphany Floral Trench Coat by Tulle for $84.99 at Shop Ruche 

Romantic at heart? Love floral prints? Well this coat might be right up your ally! I always gravitate towards a trench shape because it highlights my small waist but the print is what drew my eye. I love the floral print, it's not something you see on a coat in the fall time!

Fall is coming soon faster than you think! So why not get ahead on your fall coat shopping! ;)

Do you have any coats on your wishlist for this fall?

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