Pretty Little Liars Fashion Style

Spencer- Preppy and Classic:

pretty little liars spencer 2

Spencer has a very classic and preppy style. She doesn't dwell into trends that much. She sticks to tailored and classic pieces. You often will see her in skinny jeans or pants with a fitted sweater or tailored jacket and shirt.
To achieve her style, don't go overboard with trends. Wear fitted blazers/jackets, jeans and tops. She is sometimes seen with over sized shirts but not that often. When she does wear dresses, she wears a sheath or fit and flare dress. As for accessories, look for structured bags. In the show she is often seen sporting equestrian style handbags. You will rarely see her wear heels but when she does she sticks to the classic, no higher than 4" heel. She wears minimal and delicate jewelry, no statement jewelry! She will often wear a soft curl hair style but will also sometimes wear it straight.

Aria- Eclectic and Edgy: 

pretty little liars aria

Aria has a very fun and eclectic style. She likes to swing to her own beat and doesn't follow trends. She will often mix sweet with edgy.
To achieve her style, don't be afraid to go for the unusual and to pair different things together. Wear dresses with combat boots or boots with hardware detailing. Wear leather jackets with floral printed dresses. As for accessories, Aria doesn't wear too much statement jewelry. In the show you will see her wear multiple rings, statement rings at that. She also is fan of statement earrings. She always has her hair curled with volume at the crown.

Hannah- Girly and Trendy: 
pretty little liars hannah

In the show Hannah dreams of attending Parsons Fashion School in New York. She is the fashionista of the group. She is always up with the trends. She will often be wearing something girly and fun. You will rarely see her in flats, and often wears heels.
To achieve her style, think girly. Wear dresses and skirts with feminine flair. She will also dwell into the printed and leather pants trend as well. Think trendy as well, what is in at the moment? You bet Hannah will try it.
Think all things girly and trendy when you want to achieve her style!

Emily- Tomboy and Casual: 
pretty little liars emilyt

Emily is the tomboy of the group. She is not scared of getting her hands dirty. She often dresses very casual. Think shorts, boyfriend jeans, and skorts/jean skirts. In the show she rarely wears dresses, only for special occasions.
To achieve her style think casual. Don't go overboard with style. Think simple. The outfit above is a perfect example of an outfit I could see Emily wearing on a typical weekend day. Whenever she goes to school you will often see her wear jean skirts or skorts with a casual top. She rarely wears heels, if she does it's for a special occasion. She often sports sneakers or flat boots. She doesn't wear much jewelry in the show either. She usually sticks to minimal accessories and no overstatement handbags.

Pretty Little Liars is currently in season 4. Besides all the betrayal and drama in the show, the fashion is the second most talked about. Every girl has a distinct style and their own personality. Personally I think I am a mix between Spencer and Hannah. I love fashion but I also dress very classy and chic. Throughout the seasons you see the girls' styles develop but they always stay true to their aesthetic. It's always fun watching the show not only for the drama but for the style. It provides a lot of great inspiration!

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? If so, which girls' style is your favorite?

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