School Uniform: How to Create a Stylish Uniform

School Uniform

School is approaching soon and whether you have a child in grade school, or your school enforces a uniform code, uniforms can be a little challenging to style. There are many private colleges and high schools today that require a specific uniform. Many of these uniforms are drab and well lets just put it: BORING!

The key to jazzing up your uniform is accessories. Think jewelry, makeup, and hair accessories. Also, a lot of uniforms are black and white. This is the perfect canvas to experiment with color. Try a colorful statement necklace or bangle. Statement rings are great too.

This is also the time to experiment with different hairstyles. Wear your hair up in a chic bun and add a colorful flower pin. Or style your hair in voluminous curls and add a fun headband. There are endless options with hair, especially if it is on the longer side.

Makeup is another avenue you can pursue. Makeup can be colorful, fun, romantic, and edgy all at the same time. You can do a bold smoky eye with a nude lip, or a neutral eye with a bold red lip. Experiment with nail colors and designs as well. The little details go a long way!

Just remember to do one statement piece at a time. For example, if you wear a statement necklace wear a simple ring or bangle and nothing else. If you do a bold makeup look, keep your jewelry simple and vice verse.

As always, look up your school rules to find out whether or not you can wear certain pieces.

 Does your school have a uniform? If so, how do you liven it up?

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