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*Please note that I did not Photoshop these except for the coloring, vibrancy, etc. This is the real me!! 

Pants and Sports Bra- Victoria's Secret
Shoes- DSW 
Top- Target

Dread going to the gym? To help motivate you, I suggest wearing fun workout clothes! It's easy to throw on those black leggings and simple t-shirt but why not mix it up a little?! I love wearing bright colors when working out. It makes me happy and more motivated to work out. When you look and feel good you will go to the gym more! :)

Also, having a good bra is extremely important. Being bigger chested myself I know that it is quite uncomfortable to have your chest unsupported. I love the Victoria's Secret sports bra's because they are so comfortable and support very well. They also come in such fun colors like the one above!

I suggest the PINK capri workout pants too if you have a curvy body like mine. I always had problems with exercise pants stretching out too big in the waist and thus falling on me all the time. These do not stretch out at all and stay on up on my waist the whole workout. They also come in fun colors and patterns.

As for shoes make sure you pick the right shoes for your work out. For example running shoes for running and cross training shoes for weight/resistance training. :)
These Nike shoes are so comfortable and provide the right amount of support for the cross training workouts I do. They were only $50 too at DSW! Quite a steal for workout shoes I must say. They have a great selection of workout shoes if you ever need a new pair!

What do you wear while working out?


P.S. I am not a trainer nor nutritionist. I am just simply giving advice on what to wear to the gym! I myself workout 3x a week and find it very rewarding! :)

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