Christmas Decorations

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It's officially Christmas season and time to put up the decorations! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The joy, warmth and time with family is what makes it so special for me. 

We put up a fake Christmas tree because I am allergic to real pine trees. It's much easier anyways to take care of! We always go with a silver and blue theme for the tree decorations. I think it's sophisticated and timeless. The second picture is of an ornament that my best friend got me last year to celebrate my first year married to Ryan. I will always cherish it. :) 

The rustic blue serving tray is a new edition to the home. I found it at Home Goods. It's like TJ Max and Marshalls but they sell strictly home goods. I love this store for it's crazy good deals. I got this tray for only $25! 

I also got this cute little Mason Jar Candle from Bath and Body Works. I really like that they offer these cute little mason jar candles. I wish they sold bigger container ones! Also the scent above is not overbearing. All other candles are Flameless Candles. I have to be careful not to over scent a room due to my allergies so I like the option to use these instead! 

Have you put up your Christmas Tree and decorations yet? 

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