Three Basic Clothing Items - Nine Different Outfits

New office job? Don't have very many office type clothes? Don't fret! You can take just the few items in your closet and wear them multiple ways- at least until you can afford more. Be creative and don't be afraid to experiment. Think outside the box, and you can create many fun professional outfits.

At least most of us, already in our closet, own a pair of black trousers, a skirt and a fitted dress. Most of us also have the basics such as a couple blazers, tank tops, and pumps. And I think most of us own a watch, a everyday necklace, and handbag as well.

Here are some outfit inspirations!:

Black trousers go with just about any color or printed blouse, so you don't have to have the exact one above. Same with the skirt, I am just using it as an example or inspiration. But I do love the print and I think it could go with just about anything! It's the perfect opportunity to mix prints!
I love peplum tops and think they go perfectly with pencil skirts. A sheath dress is great for work too because it skims over the curves but still shows them off.

Now after you have worn the dress just once, pair it with a blazer and simple necklace. It will completely change the outfit. I think peplum tops look great with trousers as well (especially the one's above because they have a slim leg) and why not wear the same one? Interchange the top you wore with the trousers with the skirt, voila - new outfit!

Dress: Hugo, Pants: Chloe, Skirt: River Island, Shirt: TomTop, Black Heels: Nine West, Peplum: Alexander Wang, Both Bags: Michael Kors, Necklace: Kate Spade. 

Now by this time you are now probably thinking, "how else can  I wear these pieces?" You probably have a basic tank top right now in your closet. Pair the top with your trousers and add the blazer. You can do the same thing with the skirt! I think everyone should have at least 2 blazers in their closet - a white and black one. Even though I choose a beige colored one here- I think you can get the idea.

So there you have it, how to just use three basic items and create 9 different outfits!

What is your go to office outfit?

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