How to Organize Your Makeup

I have a slight addiction to makeup. OK, I admit it, I am addicted! When you have quite a bit of products, it's crucial to be organized. Otherwise, you end up forgetting half of your collection. I have been shopping around quite a bit for the perfect makeup organizer I could fit in a small space. The Alex drawers from Ikea would be perfect but we don't have an Ikea here. The shipping is outrageous, and Amazon sells them I think for more than the store asking price.

I found this gem at Costco, and I couldn't be happier with it! It fits all my products perfectly!

Here is how I organize my makeup. Please note I didn't take pictures of all the drawers, but you should get a general concept.

I don't remember the brand name, but it comes with 10 slide out containers and a aluminum/steel shelf on top. It was really easy to put together, and took about 15 min. to put together. It is a very sturdy, does not shake as I open each drawer, and holds quite a bit despite how small it looks! I have two extra drawers on the bottom to expand as well.
It retails for $40, so it's quite an inexpensive piece!

My 60 piece lipstick container fits perfectly on top with my brushes. I hold my most worn lippies in this container. You can find it on Amazon for only $25! I highly recommend it. It's made of high quality plastic and holds most lipstick containers. The only one's I could not fit inside them, were the Tom Ford Lipsticks. So please be aware if you have a few of those lipsticks. If you have a lot of lipsticks/lip glosses, I highly suggest you look into purchasing this as it will save you a lot of room!

Here you can gauge into how deep the drawers are. All my palettes fit perfectly into two drawers with room to spare. I love that the drawers are clear so you can easily see what is inside. I like putting all my palettes together, as it's easy to find.

My next drawer is where I store all my quads, duo's, and single eye shadows. I think having them all together is the best idea. That way you can mix and match between each one. These drawers fit Mac eye shadows perfectly!

Here I hold all my blush and highlighters. Don't you hate how Nars packaging gets so dirty?!
I think it's smart to put similar products together. Such as blush with highlighters. Concealers with foundations. I would put bronzers and powders together as well. I did that in the next drawer underneath. That way you can grab 2 products at the same time and everything is coordinated.

With shopping at Sephora and Nordstrom, comes a lot of samples. It's easy to shove them in a drawer and forget about them. But if you keep them near by, you will likely use them up faster. Make sure you go through the drawer twice a month to make sure that any samples you have not used, get used up first. If you get any samples you know that you will not use, give them away or just throw them out. Don't hang onto that sample meant for olive skin tones when you have a light skin complexion!

If you don't have an Ikea nearby and don't want to shell out 100's of dollars for makeup storage, I highly suggest this drawer organizer from Costco! If you do crafts, scrap booking, or need extra space in the kitchen or garage, this would also be the perfect organizer!

How do you organize your makeup/beauty products?

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