Fab'rik Grand Opening Event

I was invited to the Fab'rik store opening in the St. John's Town Center this last Wednesday. I have never heard of this particular store until I was contacted to come and blog the event.

Fab'rik is a southern small chain, with other stores located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Their goal is to create an environment that is similar to a high end boutique but at affordable prices. And they totally delivered. I was wildly impressed with the aesthetic of the store. It's truly a gorgeous store, and it really felt like you were shopping for those "expensive" pieces.

Here are pictures of the event!:

I wanted to come early so I could take pictures of the lovely store without much interruption and plenty of lighting. I was welcomed as soon as I came in and was attended to like I was the only customer in the store. That type of customer service was duly noted!

The store has a very rustic yet modern feel. I love the rustic furniture combined with the studio like lighting and vintage photos.

I always like seating in boutiques. Great for the guys who come shopping with their wives/girlfriends! The store owner mentioned that they will always be serving champagne when customers come into shop. I think this is a great idea, because you feel like you can take your time, feel like a princess, and come out with a few treasures.

And did I mention they served the BEST cupcakes ever!
*Cupcakes supplied by Sweets by Holly

Just look at all this color, texture, and pattern!

There is so much variety of style in this store, and I love that. That means anyone will be able to find something they will truly enjoy. It's not just catered to one type of client! I really liked how everything was displayed on clothing racks attached to the wall. Something you often only see in high end boutiques. It also aids in looking through those clothes efficiently, while still seeing everything in front of you.

Also, not to mention the quality of each piece. Each piece is made with materials that will last through multiple seasons. With most prices ranging from $20-$80 for an item, you definitely get your money's worth. It is definitely not a store that offers "disposable fashion".

They also have some of the most gorgeous jewelry. Just look at those necklaces! Amazing craftsmanship. I was told by the store manager that every jewelry piece sold in the store is handmade. You could definitely feel that the quality was there in each piece, and that is something you don't see often (and at a low price!).

While browsing at the event I purchased a colorful Aztec print dress, waist belt, and two bracelets. I can't wait to show them to you!

If you live or are stopping by in Jacksonville, please go visit fab'rik! You won't be disappointed.

Thanks again to fab'rik to inviting me to this lovely store opening event. It was fun meeting all the fellow fashionista's in Jacksonville! I think I might become a regular! ;)

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