Different Ways To Use Argan Oil

Ways to Use Argan Oil

Most people when they purchase Argan Oil they often think of just using it on their face. However, there are so many different ways!

  • I love mixing my Argan Oil with my lotion. Personally I like using Lubriderm but you can use any brand you like. I just mix a drop of the oil with a couple pumps of lotion. Depending on how dry my skin is, I either use the regular or light version of the oil. 
  • In some magazines it's advised to put on oil before moisturizer and other magazines advise to put it on after moisturizer. Personally I like putting it on after my moisturizer and eye cream. It's the very last step. Argan oil for me anyways, can be a little "slippery" so it's convenient and hassle free to apply it after everything. I typically like using the light version in the morning and the regular version at night for more moisturization. 
  • If you haven't put Argan Oil in your hair you are missing out on it's benefits! I notice with using Argan Oil in my hair, I have more softer, shinier, and smoother hair. I like mixing just a drop or two to a pump of leave in conditioner. If you use spray leave in conditioner, spray your hair first and then distribute the oil into your hair with your hands. 
  • I also love rubbing Argan Oil in my cuticles. It's my very last step in my skincare routine so that it's the last thing my hands touch before it dries. I usually let it dry as I am brushing my teeth. That usually is enough time (2 minutes). Rubbing oil into my cuticles I notice they are softer and not as dry.
Other ways as well: 
- Mixing the oil with your eye cream. Use very little.
- Mixing Argan Oil with your foot cream or hand cream.
- Instead of putting it on your face after moisturizing, mix it with your toner.
- Mix Argan Oil into your face mask.
- Taking a bath? Mix it with your bath salts or soap/liquid.

You can use Argan Oil in so many different ways. I love using it. It's also a money saver too as you can use it for multitude of things. On QVC they always have specials on their Josie Maran Argan Oil and sometimes they have super sizes on special!

Do you use Argan Oil and if so, how so?

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