Day Trip to St. Augustine Florida

What I am wearing: Top- JCrew factory, Shorts- Victoria's Secret, Shoes- Minnetonka, Sunglasses- Jimmy Choo

This weekend we decided to take the Saturday to go visit St. Augustine. We only live 45 minutes from the historical city so it's not too big of a drive.

The first three pictures are of The Cathedral Basillica of St. Augustine. It is the oldest church in St. Augustine. It was originally built in 1568 but then burned down. It was re-built shortly thereafter. It was amazing to stand in a church that old. Of course it has been restored over the years, but still inspiring to stand right in history. So much history in that place!

The next two pictures are of Flagler College. Flagler College was originally a luxury hotel built in 1888 but became a college in 1968. They were having a open day event so we got to peek inside. Imagine going to college with a ceiling like that in the entrance!

We then stopped for some ice cream at the Fudge Bucket (such a cute name!). They had some delicious desserts! The weather was gorgeous, in the 70s with a breeze from the ocean. It was nice to get out of the house and walk around in a beautiful town!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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