Christmas Gift Idea Series: Gifts For The Fashionista

Gifts For The Fashionista

This year I hope that I can do a full series on what to give to those people in your life (the tech-y, sports fanatic, fitness addict, foodie, etc.) this Christmas! Shopping can be a pain during the holiday season. Especially as more and more stores are offering deals, more people are flooding the stores than ever. It's important to make a list, go in and just purchase those items on that list. Well, at least try not to get distracted by all the holiday goodies. 

Have a fashionista in the family? Shopping for someone who loves anything related to fashion can be fun as there are so many options in stores. No matter your budget there a plenty of options.

If you have a few extra bucks to spare, a designer handbag is the perfect choice. They will forever cherish your gift. Don't have that much money in your budget this year? You can always look into faux leather options and the designer cross-body versions can be a little cheaper than a tote, at least for the most part.

Want a gift under $20? A magazine is a great gift idea. Every month they will open a new edition filled with all things fashion. Who couldn't ask for more? The new Tory Burch In Color is another great gift option. I have it as well on my wish list. It's great for inspiration and is filled with all things fashion, girly, and classic styles. FYI- you can find the book for cheap online!

For those that dress to the nines, a new watch, accessory, or scarf is the ticket. I hate shopping for clothes because you never know if they will like it, or if it will fit. The watch set above is under $20 and is from Charlotte Russe!
Phone cases are another great, often not thought of gift. Interchanging your phone cover to your outfit is fun to do!

So there you have some simple ideas to get your brain flowing. I hope this helped! What is on your Christmas gift wish this year?


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