Christmas Idea Gift Series: For The Fitness Junkie

Christmas Gift Series: For The Fitness Junkie

Only 10 more days till Christmas!

Have a fitness lover in your family? Any of the gifts above would be perfect. A cute gym bag is always on a girl's list. No boring black bag anymore. Have a yogi in your life? A yoga set is perfect. Even if they already have one, having one for travel, etc. is always nice to have.

As for clothes. That is something you should consider very carefully. Unless you know that is exactly what they want, and what their size is, go ahead and purchase. It can sometimes be offending  (or awkward!) to get clothing that they may or may not be comfortable in.

A great safe gift is a subscription to SHAPE or any other fitness magazine. The fit bit is great too because they can track their progress. And it's pink- so fun and easy to wear!

What would you give to a fitness junkie?

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