New Years Closet Clean Out

My clothes are pretty tight here but I had over 40 shirts and sweaters. I probably only wore 15 or so of these! You can see a glimpse of some more shirts below the first rack above.

Same with the sweaters here. I think I had more of those than I had shirts. Sweaters can be folded up to little squares (especially light weight ones). It's so easy to stuff them into big containers like these- and forget about them! Most of them came with me from Oregon. That is probably why I had so many. But living in Florida, I don't really need that many. I also had a lot of jeans that I didn't wear or just didn't fit well anymore.
I had probably over 50 sweaters here! Also, I think I had over 15 pairs of pants.

As you can see I got rid of the majority of tops. Down to one bin for my jeans and two bins for my sweaters. Not bad! I am down to like probably around 20-30 sweaters and only 8 pairs of jeans. Yay!

One of my resolutions this year was to get rid of any clothes that I no longer wear. Also, continuing forward to purchase pieces that are made of better quality and that I will actually love and wear for many years to come.

It's easy to step into Forever21 and purchase so many different tops, dresses, sweaters, etc. because it's all so inexpensive. But within a month or two all the items either no longer fit well or after washing it's been destroyed. Instead of going to Forever 21, you could of purchased one piece or two of clothing that is well made and will not deteriorate after a month, or even a year.

Not saying that all things from Forever21 are not good quality- as my Meow sweater above is from there and very thick and well made! And some things from higher end stores fail to hold up as well sometimes. That is why we must inspect the clothing and make the best determination on if we should purchase it or not.

I donated all my clothes to the Salvation Army. It feels good to donate clothes to the needy because the less fortunate people deserve to be fashionable too! It also feels good to get rid of clutter in your life- good for the mind and body!

Have you cleaned out your closet lately?

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