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Over the past couple months I have discovered a new vegan skin care line that I absolutely love. I also have a couple other favorites that I would like to mention!

Here are my current beauty favorites!:

From left to right: Facial Cream, Dry Shampoo, and Deodorant from Urban Oreganics via Etsy

Facial Cream: 
I have it in the SPF 20 version. I have combination skin and this cream really helps with balancing out the skin. I was hesitant about the thickness of the cream at first but it soaks right into the skin. Also it has helped clear my skin (and keeps it clear), when other heavier creams do the opposite! 
It's completely natural - ingredients include green tea, coconut oil, candelila wax, and other great ingredients! No added chemicals means that you are getting the full benefit from the ingredients. Just being able to pronounce the ingredients and know what exactly is going into my skin makes me feel better!
The added SPF is great because I burn easily and found that it really does help prevent sunburn! I was worried about that because I never tried natural sunscreen before. Totally recommend! 

If you have never treid natural deodorant before, this will be a little different for you. I have never tried natural deodorants before and finding good vegan deodorants are hard. This deodorant is in solid form, meaning you do have to use your hands to rub the product in your skin. It's quite easy to use though. I just take a little dab of the product, warm it up between my fingers and run it into my under arms. 
Be warned however, the first week, especially if you have been using chemically ridden deodorants before, your skin will take at least a week to get use to the natural deodorant. The first week I sweated more than usual, probably because my skin was releasing all the bad stuff! Afterwards though, I noticed it working like it should. It really does help control the sweat! 
Did you know that some deodorants contain certain ingredients that is harmful to use while breastfeeding? Even if you are not breastfeeding that is frightening! 

Dry Shampoo: 
This brand carries dry shampoo for both blonds and brunettes. She currently does not have any for red heads, and people with black hair. I think because those pigments are hard to achieve with natural dry shampoo. This dry shampoo was a little tricky to get use to. It's a loose dry shampoo so you have to use a fluffy brush to distribute the powder onto your scalp and then rub in with your hands. At first I got the stuff everywhere- haha! But after a couple tries I got use to on how to applying it without a mess. 
As for the effectiveness. It really works! It helped keep the oil at bay and made my hair smell like chocolate. Who wouldn't want that? The only thing, is I wouldn't use this past day 3. So that can be a con for some. 

These products are 100% vegan too! 

Purely Refershing Facial Mask and Facial Moisturizer from Puur on Etsy 

Facial Moisturizer:
I use this moisturizer at night. It's a light weight moisturizer that really helps hydrate the skin. It also is meant to control excess oil and breakouts. A plus in my book! I have been experiencing breakouts before using this product and the face cream from Urban Oreganics and now I don't as often! It also does not leave a greasy look to the face. Bonus! 
It is labeled as unscented but the ingredients themselves have a scent. So be aware of that. 

Facial Mask: 
This is a great charcoal mask that helps clear the skin, purify impurities, and exfoliate the skin. I was hesitant about this product at first because a lot of masks tend to dry out my skin. This mask does not do that! It really helps soften the skin and my skin feels so refreshed afterwards. You can leave it on as long or little as you like- which is great for those that are pressed with time! 

These products are 100% vegan too! 

From Left to Right: Athara Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream, Soothing Eye Cream from SelinArt on Etsy.

Athara Eye Cream:
I received this eye cream in my Vegan Cuts beauty subscription box (review coming soon!). This eye cream helps waken up and brighten the skin in the morning. It's also soothing on the eye and does not irritate my sensitive skin under the eye. Which is a must on my check list for eye creams! 

Soothing Eye Cream:
I use this eye cream at night because its very soothing and moisturizing. One of the ingredients is chamomile flower, so I can see why it's very soothing! It does not help against wrinkles however, but she does carry an anti-aging eye cream! The owner was super sweet and mailed out the eye cream right away. Great customer service! 

These products are 100% vegan too! 

Tarte Empower Flower Amazonian Clay Collector‘s Palette - $42. This can be found at Sephora. 

Tarte is a known cruelty free brand. They do not test on animals - yay! 
The quality does not lack either and this palette is no exceptionAs you can tell this palette has been well loved!  Some did not like it however, as many said there were not many options. I disagree, but I don't really do crazy intense looks and tend to gravitate towards to natural, neutral looks. 
The pigmentation of the shadows are great and the colors pack on nicely. They are a little powdery but that doesn't bother me. The blushes are pigmented and I love that they have a matte finish. Park Ave Princess is a bronzer and is perfect for those that have fair skin. It's not too dark or too light and gives you a little glow! 

Tarte Tartelette 

I have never really tried out matte shadows before this palette. This palette has changed my mind on how well matte shadows can be! Sometimes matte shadows can be patchy or not that pigmented. This palette is the complete opposite. The colors are rich, pigmented, and pack on nicely. With eye shadow primer, the shadows stay on about 8-10 hours. So it's great for work and errands! 

Also, I am hosting a Urban Oreganics online Facebook Party! The party is going to last till this Tuesday. Come join, win some prizes, have fun, and purchase some vegan skincare! 
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What have been your favorite beauty products lately? 


Note: All products purchased with my own money.

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