Fashionable Vegan Handbags

Vegan Bags

These handbags are vegan? Yep! The mint handbag will look great with your LWD. The yellow handbag will work perfectly for your long days at work - and will spice up any outfit! How cute is that little black bag with the bow? Perfect for that special event!

You don't have to purchase those expensive leather designer handbags to look chic!
The top two vegan handbag companies are Matt & Nat and Gunas. Sole Society also sells inexpensive faux leather handbags. However, if you are looking for more eco-friendly handbags focus on the other two brands.

Matt & Nat is based out of Canada. The handbags are made out of PU material and the lining is made out of 100% recycled bottles. I find that there handbags are more minimalist and classic than trendy which I love. There handbags are decently priced with most items being under $200. Most of them are above the $100 mark however. Definitely recommend this brand for those starting out with vegan handbags!

Gunas on the other hand I believe has a trendy and vintage feel to their handbags. Gunas uses nylons, canvases, and recycled polyester for linings. What is even more amazing about this brand is that 10% of every purchase goes towards a charity that helps save animals. What's better than purchasing a handbag and helping out animals at the same time? The price point is about the same as Matt & Nat.

Have you purchased any vegan leather handbags?

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