I'm Vegan! Why I Became Vegan


It's been a long while since I posted here (since February!). So many things have happened since then that it has been a long few months. One of them being, is that I became vegan!

Yep- this is all VEGAN! 

My journey started this January when I started acupuncture treatment for my allergies. Before then I use to suffer from severe allergies. I was constantly congested, suffered from a runny nose, and frequent sneezes. I literally have tried everything OTC and prescription. Allergy pills often made me sleepy (even the non-drowsy kind) and nasal sprays would make my nose so dry that it would bleed often. It was not going well.

I did some research about how acupuncture has been used to treat all sorts of ailments for 1000s of years including allergies. If you want to know about my acupuncture experience, read my article on my health blog HERE. I loved how everything was natural and chemical free!

I started seeing a local acupuncturist and it was going very well. I was able to breath for the first time ever! It was odd to smell things that I could never smell before - but that's another story. The acupuncturist also gave me some suggestions to my diet to help boost my immune system. He also suggested that I go dairy free. He explained dairy causes inflammation in the sinuses. And that started me on my road to veganism!

If you didn't know already I was a pesecetarian before January. I only eat fish and I was also on a gluten free diet. It was a very easy transition for me to give up the meat. However, it took a good month to stop the withdrawals of dairy. It's amazing how much you crave milk, eggs, and other dairy items! Within days I noticed a huge improvement in my health. I had literally no allergy symptoms. By the end of February I was not taking any allergy medication. I didn't need it! I also had a boost of energy and my digestive system was so much better -no bloating.

In March I watched a few documentaries about veganism, the meat and dairy industry. I watched Forks Over Knives and Fed Up. I was astonished at how animals are treated at factories (I had an inkling of what was happening but didn't pay attention). The more research I did I found the cruelty these animals face. Also, the environmental impact on feeding a nation (and the world) obsessed with meat is destroying our planet and causing dozens of species to go extinct. It almost made me want to cry. How could we go so wrong?

At first I was doing this for health reasons and now I am doing it because I want to save animals and the environment. I have always loved animals. My little Fred (our dog) is everything to me and it dawned on me that why I am I eating animals when I clearly love them? Random fact- I actually wanted to be a park ranger when I was a teenager. It was a brief moment in my life - but I have considered it at one point in my life. Side note- I realize that park rangers don't really save animals- but wildlife biologists do (haha).

Picture via Vegan Literature

It has been a huge transition. Not only I am starting to just buy vegan food, but vegan and eco-friendly products. I am no longer buying leather handbags and only buying cruelty free beauty products. But you know what? I feel good about it! I feel like I am making a difference which is important to me. Did you know that going vegan or vegetarian for a year saves 25 animals and stops over 3000 pounds of CO2 emissions in a year? Heck yeah!

Becoming vegan doesn't happen overnight. I am still making changes! Here on out on this blog, I will be featuring cruelty free products, vegan leather goods, and eco-friendly products.

Hope you liked my story! If you are vegan, what prompted you to become vegan?

Note: All pictures my own unless otherwise stated.

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