Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

Looking for a cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly beauty box? Than look no further than Vegan Cuts!

Vegan Cuts is a monthly vegan beauty box where you get 4-6 beauty samples and more often than not some of them are full size! As you can see the lip balm and eye trio are full size. 
The subscription is $20 a month. It is on the pricier side but given that all the products are vegan and cruelty free, I can see why. Vegan beauty products alone are expensive! Probably about the same price if not more than the department store brands. The boxes arrive around mid month and come securely packaged. Nothing ever comes melted or damaged. And that's saying something for Florida when things like lip balm can melt within hours in the summer! 

From left to right, top to bottom: Hello toothpaste, Schmidt's Natural Deodorant, Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash, Eco Lips Lip Balm 

Hello toothpaste is an all natural vegan toothpaste with a grapefruit flavor. I have not tried it yet but it comes in a decent travel size. Which I am planning to save for my vacation in a couple weeks. 
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is very popular among the vegan community. It's one of the top recommended deodorants. I think this particular version I do not like. It has tiny little exfoliating beads in it. I don't typically like that for the underarm, I personally prefer something more moisturizing. When I opened the package from the mailbox it was all melted but it solidified up overnight. So, that's good to know for those that live in warmer climates. 
Pacifica is a drugstore vegan brand. It is the only vegan makeup and skincare brand that I know of that is sold exclusively in drugstores. It is also sold in Target. This is an alright face wash. It is more gel like, so personally I think it's geared to people who have oily skin types. Though it doesn't dry the skin out, so if you prefer gel over cream this is a great vegan face wash. The only con is that it doesn't fully remove foundation so be aware! 
Eco Lips is a vegan lip balm. I love this lip balm! It's very moisturizing and stays on for hours. It does not dry out the lips more by using it, unlike the cheap stuff at the drugstore. Also, it's unscented, so for those ladies that don't like a smell in their lip balm this is the perfect choice! 

From left to right: Coconut Oil Soap via Bee All Natural, Emani eye shadow trio. 

I absolutely love all natural soap. It is more moisturizing, lasts longer and does not irritate my sensitive skin! I have not tried this one specifically as I am saving it for my vacation. Oh, It smells good too! 
Vegan eye shadows can be a hit or miss. Sometimes they are not very well pigmented or does not stay all day long, or sadly both. These eye shadows are very pigmented and stay on all day with primer. I don't use the entire trio of colors together. These are too dark for my complexion so I just use one of the colors in the crease or outer corner of the eye. It blends easily for those small places on the eye. 

If you have been wanting to try vegan beauty products, no better way to start with a subscription box! 

Have you tried Vegan Cuts? If so, let me know what you thought! 



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