Grand Teton National Park: Day 3

Day three at Grand Teton National Park!:  

Wednesday at the park we took a nice easy day exploring Grand Teton National Park and then we headed south to visit my dad and go to my best friend's wedding that coming Saturday.

Grand Teton National Park is small and takes only a couple hours to go through. Also, a great tip is that there are two roads to Yellowstone and the one that goes through the park is quieter and has better views.
It was also a gloomy chilly day out so we didn't do too much outdoors. The mountains are gorgeous and so spectacular to see. Imagining if there are climbers right now trying to reach the top of the tallest peak. There actually has been a few people that have made it to the top of the tallest peak in the past!
We also got to see a Elk up close. They will be shedding their antlers in late fall/winter so right now is the perfect time to see them at their biggest.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures from Grand Teton National Park! Next post will consist of my days in Pinedale while visiting my dad. I will have a separate post of my best friend's wedding. :)

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