Yellowstone National Park: Day 2

Day 2 of my trip! Again heavy photo post ahead!

Mammoth Hot Springs

On Tuesday we headed up to the northern western tip of Yellowstone where Mammoth Hot Springs is located. It's a cute quaint little town built with charm. Elk just roam freely around the town among vacationers which was interesting to see! I was surprised to see that many of the hot springs were completely empty of water. I am not sure if it's because of climate change but according to the signs in the early 90's it was filled with water and now it's almost dry as a bone.

Canyon Falls. If you go anywhere in Yellowstone, go here. Once in a lifetime opportunity to stand on TOP of a waterfall. Yes- I took this picture! My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute as I was taking this picture- praying that I would not drop the camera.
This is on top of the waterfall that you typically see in any Yellowstone picture. Not many people know about this little area - so it's a great insider tip!


Sulphur Cauldron. This is a neat spot to see. The Mud Volcano is near this area as well. All these little springs actually bubble and make noises unlike the hot springs in Mammoth or Old Faithful. Also, the liquid is not clear but filled with "mud". I am not sure what mineral it is again but it is mixed with sulphur like the other springs.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from day two of my trip! Thursday I will be posting day three which consisted of The Grand Tetons National Park.

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