How To Dress Vintage in a Modern Way

Modern Retro

Vintage can be a fun and unique thing to venture into. However, you don't want to look like your in full costume. The best tip is to wear one vintage piece, and the rest be modern or timeless. Sometimes that can be tricky when the piece itself like a dress is very vintage or retro.

For example, the dress on the left is very 50's. Add a petticoat, hair in a beehive and you will look like you stepped out of the 50's - unless that is the look your going for. The key is to pair the dress with a cropped cardigan and wedges. The wedges soften the look and cardigan gives it a casual feel. Pair with simple jewelry. Don't crazy on the pearls or vintage jewelry. This look would look great for special events!

The middle dress just screams 60's. This dress is the most easiest to wear because it's a timeless piece. Wear it with platform heels and a long necklace. This look would look great for the weekend or work depending on your work environment.

The dress on the right would make a great sundress for the weekend. Pair it with a floppy hat and pointy flats. Pairing it with casual pieces will make it look more modern.

Hope this post was helpful! How do you wear vintage?

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