Vacation: Day 4 & 5 in Pinedale, Wyoming

Mountain Man Museum
All pictures my own. Taken with iPhone 6 plus. 

On Thursday and Friday we were in Pinedale visiting my dad and showing Ryan around the town and surrounding area my dad now lives in. I also showed him the Mountain Man museum - one of my favorite museums I grew up with. It is filled with Native American and western history- which I am always fascinated with. We also found out that Leonardo Dicaprio will be staring in a movie called The Revenant which is about a mountain man named Hugh Glass who was left for dead after a bear attack, and then goes out for revenge on those that left him. Hugh Glass supposedly traveled in Wyoming. So we are excited to see that film next year!

We didn't take a lot of pictures as these two days were our days to relax and just spend time with family. I haven't been back home in almost 7 years. Nothing much changed, as most small towns do but I felt like I have been gone longer than that. Do you feel the same after being away from home for so long?

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and had a fabulous weekend! 

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