About Me


My name is Heidi. Welcome to my blog! I am glad you are here because like me, you care about animals, the environment, and looking to learn more about a plant based diet.

I became vegan a year ago due to health reasons. Soon afterwards I soon learned about the horrors of factory farming, dairy farming, and the animal abuse that happens behind them. I have always loved animals and I knew that being vegan was right for me. Not only for my health, but for the environment, and animals. Soon after I became passionate about wildlife conservation and inspiring others to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Besides being vegan, I have an addiction to all things fashion. I am also a big advocate for fitness and a healthy diet. I think that kind of goes hand in hand with being vegan. On this blog I will be sharing my love of fashion, along with vegan recipes, vegan food reviews, and cruelty free beauty!

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I am glad you are here! Together, we will inspire others to become vegan (or at least vegetarian)!

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